Yerevan – joy of reunion and emotional turmoil

A few years ago, Mesi and I went on a vacation in Egypt – one of the worst holidays ever. But next to some Ukrainians, we met some very nice guys from Yerevan. After visiting those guys with Nessi at the end of 2017, we announced our arrival and had a wonderful night out in Yerevan.

(Sightseeing in Yerevan))

The reunion was nice and boozy. Armenian food is very varied, rich and delecious. The “restaurant” was outside the city and made up from small huts, in which you can spend a nice evening with a group. We had a dash button to call the waitress.

But there are also some sad news.

As many of you might have noticed, our blog lags behind. One reason is that Mesi had to fly back home because of personal reasons. We had 3 crisis meetings and decided to stay 2 extra days in Yerevan and drive Mesi to the airport at 2 am. From there, Caius and Tobi hit the road towards Iran.

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