We survived D915! :)

As a spontaneous idea of Caius, we decided to take the road D915 in Turkey to leave beautiful Cappadocia and head north to the Black Sea on our way to Georgia. According to the website dangerousroads.org the D915 is even more dangerous as the “Death Road” in Bolivia.

[Source: https://www.hurriyet.de/news_andquot-d915andquot-die-gefand-228-hrlichste-straand-223-e-der-tand-252-rkei_14353560.html]

We left Erzincan (TR) with our new friends from UK, driving the 2nd Polo Mark 2 on the Mongol Rally 2019. Also, we wanted to catch up with some Dutch guys in a pretty cool Toyota Corrola. Accidently we met two Swiss teams on the way, too, and found a half-lost UK team in a tiny micro bus… The Swiss left (like always independent 😉 ) but the rest did a super-cool tour via a 2330m high pass through beautiful villages, meeting nice people and had an unbelievable experience…

More Pictures will follow soon… but here’s a short sneak (in weird order):


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