Send us to Coventry! Farewell parties in Karlsruhe and Hannover

We are ready for the Mongol Rally 2019 … kinda

Final sprint! Everything is arranged, friends are taking care of our polo, colleagues are brazing GPS trackers, our visas are (hopefully) getting approved right now, every insurance has been charged and the paperwork finally comes to end…

Let’s party the Mongol Rally 2019! 🙂

Since the team is spread out in the whole country and we like to celebrate, we are going to throw 2 farewell parties!

On 13th July we start from Karlsruhe into the desert.

Saturday, 13/07/2019, we would like to say goodbye to our supporters, friends, (former) colleagues, enviers and probably the surrounding neighbourhood. There will be snacks and drinks – and the group cash box is waiting 😉

Come around and give us some good reasons to miss you. The whole team will be attending!

Make a request for the right address… 😉

On 18th July we start from Neustadt into the desert.

After we made the 511 km long route in a fully packed polo, we will have another reason to celebrate. We would like to celebrate our farewell party with you and our friend and sponsor Isy Going at the Neustädter City Beach  (Schloßstraße, 31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge) with “sand, beach chairs and cool drinks under palm trees“. 🙂 Isy himself  will take care of our well-being.

See you soon!

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