Preparation of the car | Building a GPS-Tracker

Less than 40 days until the Mongol Rally!!!

Final spurt for the teilzeitabenteurer. Our nerves reach breaking point.

After we unsuccesfully drove to the Iranian consulate general in Frankfurt to collect our visas – it was the 56. anniversary of the revolution against the Shah – our next visit one day later went quickly and successful. Everything was very nice and professional.

Afterwards we sent our passports to Berlin to resolve every formality for the last part of our journey – the Russian Federation.

Getting the Polo “Mongol Rally ready”

Thanks to the nice support of a further sponsor, the polo currently enjoys a refurbishment. A motivated team of automotive mechanics, electricians and mechatronics engineers are taking care of our little one.



(new generator and second battery)

Why buying a GPS tracker, when you can easily build one yourself?

A nice colleague is working meticulously on an idea how to let you always know where we are and how warm/cold/high/humid it is.

The data will be transmitted via a satellite link (Iridium) and hopefully saved and nicely depicted.

Tracker-Mongol_Rally_2019-Packed(GPS tracker and sensors after delivery)

Tracker-Mongol_Rally_2019-Hardwaretest(first hardware test)

Tracker-Mongol_Rally_2019-Softwaretest(first data)

Thanks a million!

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