[Pictures!] Racing Polo is starting to take shape| GPS tracker is transmitting| Donations continue

28 days until the Mongol Rally 2019

Our Mongol Rally 2019 racing Polo is starting to take shape

Thanks to the support by Heinz Schnorpfeil Bau GmbH we not only have a hydraulic lift and a roof over our heads to work on our car – no! The respective expertise came along with it. The garage guys perform miracles with the little car and have already exchanged the alternator and a second battery alongside other refurbishments. The old undercarriage is gone and the new one is lying on the table next to it (delivery problems with my order). The additional LED headlights are wired, switches on the dashboard, the wiring is ready, including many possibilities to draw off power like four times USB in the front, two times on the back seat and two times in the trunk. To join in cigar lighter, one on the back seat and two in the trunk, obviously monitored and secured. Along with a little bit of additional cooling for the alternator and “apropos of nothing” a full service, including oil change, exchange of ignition plug, ignition coil, distributor and exhauster. The clutch was exchanged as well next to the gear oil, air filter and oil filter.

…was there something else?

(The Polo in its original shape)

(Clutch exchange)

(The old clutch was a bit down… You were right, Mesi.)


(Working on the alternator)

(Looks better)

(Integrates into the constructor’s overall concept…)

(Sascha – Thank you for your patience!!!)

(New undercarriage! <3 )

(Old undercarriage 🙂 )


(The crew after 11 hours work – thank you!!!)

Soon you can check out our location on the Mongol Rally 2019 online

Thanks to another nice sponsoring from by IT world we will be able to broadcast our location live. Neoception GmbH not only sponsors the hardware but also has the expertise to bring it to life. This also started with delivery problems (my order) but proceeded with great strides. The data is sending live via the satellite link. It remains exciting in the background.



(Thanks to home office we are able to test it outside the office.)

Last but not least the donations for the good cause behind the Mongol Rally 2019 continue.

Thanks to all the sponsors!

We collected 1.453 € for DKMS!

That is amazing and we are very excited! 🙂

But this is no calling to stop. You can continue to donate and collect karma points. Cool Earth still needs a little bit of devotion.

– Tobi

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