Farewell and a good cause

Changing the company three months before the Mongol Rally? – Sure! 🙂

Caius and Tobi changed their employer three months before the rally. The new one is very relaxed and not only greenlighted the rally but also assured his support.

What had to be done next to a lot of paperwork? – Quite right, the farewell party with colleagues.

After 2,5 years in a growing sector, a lot of people came together. We didn’t celebrate our farewell party alone, it was 4 of us.

We talked to the other 2 guys to seize the party and drum up the business for the teilzeitabenteurer on the Mongol Rally. They liked the idea as much as we did, so we designed and printed some posters and flyers.


(It’s crazy how difficult it is to design proper flyers with Power Point… XD )

We rented a pub due to the numerous RSVPs and celebrated until the wee hours.



The best comes for last and there was a big surprise for our group cash box:


Teilzeitebenteurer receive 400 € for their participation an at the Mongol Rally 2019!!!!

Thanks to all (former) colleagues, friends, companions.

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