The Rally

Mongol Rally

Numbers, data, facts


The organizer

The Adventurists guys seem to have a rather boring life because they make shenanigans and encourage everybody to join.

Facts about the Mongol Rally.

    • 16,000 km
    • A little car with maximun 1,200ccm
    • Across Europe and Asia
    • From the North See to Lake Baikal
    • Over the hills, through the desert
    • Across Iran and alongside Afghanistan
    • No backup, no support, no given route

“If nothing goes wrong everyhing went wrong”

It’s about going astray, meeting people and using your rusty mind.

The good cause.

  • Each team has to collect at least 1.000GBP (~1.300€) for a good cause.
    • 500GBP for Cool Earth
    • 500GBP for a non-profit organization