The good cause behind the Mongol Rally – where do the donations of teilzeitabenteurer go?

There is a charitable hidden agenda behind theMongol Rally, as is right and proper for any rally.

We donate at least 500GBP respectively (ca. 560€) to Cool Earth and DKMS and do not only support the preservation of our earth but also the fight against something way more real – leukemia.

More than CO² compensation – Cool Earth as part of the Mongol Rally 2019


One part of the Mongol Rally 2019 is the collection of donations. Cool Earth is the obligatory project chosen by the organizers. It is not only very well planned but also really important!


Cool Earth Logo

To make a donation to “the world” is definitely not wrong and very easy.

Click on the link, enter amount, enter credit card details, and done.

We only have one Earth – please don’t destroy it…

Leukemia is an asshole!

Even if the odds of finding a suitable donor are quite high nowadays, only one out of three finds a donor within the family and only one out of ten finds a donor inside the country.

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An extensive registration is very important but unfortunately with 35 Euro still very expensive.


teilzeitabenteurer would like to make a donation to DKMS on the Mongol Rally 2019 next to Cool Earth.

And that is very easy:

Click on the link, make a donation, do good… and of course you can get a donation receipt.