Car wash, donations, amazon wish list

Awesome! Donations, support and car preparations are picking up pace!

Donations for the Mongol Rally 2019 continue.

And we keep receiving donations for DKMS. Thanks to all the supporters!

Cool Earth lags behind, but we are confident.
Thanks to all the supporters – keep on donating!! 🙂

A bunce for the at the Mongol Rally 2019

Next to all the donations we receive direct support in several ways – donations in kind and cash.

Thanks to all the supporters – we will think about you on oure first breakdown in the desert. 😉

Anyone on for some more?| Direct support of the teilzeitabenteurer at the Mongol Rally 2019

As mentioned, we appreciate direct support as well as the question: “What else do you need?” Just sending us money that we will invest in very bad beer doesn’t suit every taste. [#wordplay]

That’s why we put together a list of things that we still need. You can directly support us.

The list is not set in stone of course. Better ideas are always welcome!

Eventually, a snapshot of yesterday’s car wash

After we changed the radio and the speakers, we gave our rocket polo a little treat.


(Very serious facial expression – a lot of concentration in play)

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