Cappadocia – cave houses and backyard campsites

Yesterday evening we reached Cappadocia, “a semi-arid region in central Turkey, which is famous for its fairy chimneys. Those conical rock formations exist in the Ihlara Valley, Göreme and other places. Additional important sights are the cave houses from the Bronze Age, which were later on used by Christrians as sanctuary. There are many rock churches in the 100 m metre deep Ihlara Valley.”

People from the Mongol Rally Whatsapp group recommended the “Dilek campsite” which we drove to. It feels like it is located right downtown in a backyard and other rally cars were literally piled up there.

We met two guys from the UK. They also travel with a “Polo Mark 2”, altough a coupé.

After the first welcome beer, we pitched our tents and talked about our experiences on the road so far.

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