Only hours away

In a few days we will be on the road to Prague where the Mongol Rally starts this year.

The car is ready, our sponsor’s clothes almost arrived (Hint: Never ever order at Engelbert Strauss. The clothes are very expensive and we had to cancel our order after three weeks and still didn’t receive already payed articles – and it won’t happen before the rally), the farewell parties are happening and packing lists have been checked off.

Soon we will stuff and promote or social media channels.

A few impressions of the sponsor shirts. 🙂




P.S.: Werbeartikel Spieß designed our polo shirt. They on the other hand are very recommendable.


First farewell party in Karlsruhe: done.

A fair bit closer to the Mongol Rally 2019

What a wonderful farewell! At mixed 25°C the Teilzeitabenteurer where seen off by ca. 30 (former) colleagues, friends, sponsors, roommates and partners. We celebrated almost 14 hours and discussed ideas and rules for the Mongol Rally 2019.

It is nice to see how many people care and want to be part of our journey passively.

Some impressions…


<< They see me rollin' >>

Polo for the Mongol Rally 2019 is ready!

“He is alive”

After three sweat-inducing weeks the time has come. The Polo (aka “Fox”) spreads its wings. After exchanging/ installing /rebuilding the undercarriage, spring extension, second battery, new alternator, undercoating, new exhauster, boost and second towing eye, flexible LED headlights back and front, eight times USB, four times cigar lighter, 100 fuses (15-100A), drain holes, additional ventilation, oil filter, clutch, fan belt, spark plugs, distributor and cap, air filter etc. the car can run again. No! It can fly. Like an air-cushion vehicle it floats over corrugations and potholes.

First ride

The first test ride in the beautiful Treis-Karden, headquarters of our sponsor Heinz Schnorpfeil Bau GmbH, lead us according to google to an “unnamed road” over hill and dale. We tested the climbing skills of the fox. We also inaugurated the new clutch with reek and fume, brought the floor panel to its purpose and used the headlights for the first time.

Polo-Mongol_Rally_2019-Completed1(Polo 86C2f – our “Fox” – ready for action)

The countdown to the Mongol Rally 2019 has started

Last week of work, the last Amazon deliveries, packing, first time camping… The nerves are raw (mine at least), but the anticipation helps to forget the few hours of sleep.

Who wants to make sure that we are going indeed, is cordially invited to join our “farewell roadshow”.

Fyler_Farewall_Neustadt.PNG(Thursday, the 18 July 2019, at 6 pm the farewell continues at the City Beach Neustadt.)

– Tobi

[Pictures!] Racing Polo is starting to take shape| GPS tracker is transmitting| Donations continue

28 days until the Mongol Rally 2019

Our Mongol Rally 2019 racing Polo is starting to take shape

Thanks to the support by Heinz Schnorpfeil Bau GmbH we not only have a hydraulic lift and a roof over our heads to work on our car – no! The respective expertise came along with it. The garage guys perform miracles with the little car and have already exchanged the alternator and a second battery alongside other refurbishments. The old undercarriage is gone and the new one is lying on the table next to it (delivery problems with my order). The additional LED headlights are wired, switches on the dashboard, the wiring is ready, including many possibilities to draw off power like four times USB in the front, two times on the back seat and two times in the trunk. To join in cigar lighter, one on the back seat and two in the trunk, obviously monitored and secured. Along with a little bit of additional cooling for the alternator and “apropos of nothing” a full service, including oil change, exchange of ignition plug, ignition coil, distributor and exhauster. The clutch was exchanged as well next to the gear oil, air filter and oil filter.

…was there something else?

(The Polo in its original shape)

(Clutch exchange)

(The old clutch was a bit down… You were right, Mesi.)


(Working on the alternator)

(Looks better)

(Integrates into the constructor’s overall concept…)

(Sascha – Thank you for your patience!!!)

(New undercarriage! <3 )

(Old undercarriage 🙂 )


(The crew after 11 hours work – thank you!!!)

Soon you can check out our location on the Mongol Rally 2019 online

Thanks to another nice sponsoring from by IT world we will be able to broadcast our location live. Neoception GmbH not only sponsors the hardware but also has the expertise to bring it to life. This also started with delivery problems (my order) but proceeded with great strides. The data is sending live via the satellite link. It remains exciting in the background.



(Thanks to home office we are able to test it outside the office.)

Last but not least the donations for the good cause behind the Mongol Rally 2019 continue.

Thanks to all the sponsors!

We collected 1.453 € for DKMS!

That is amazing and we are very excited! 🙂

But this is no calling to stop. You can continue to donate and collect karma points. Cool Earth still needs a little bit of devotion.

– Tobi

Send us to Coventry! Farewell parties in Karlsruhe and Hannover

We are ready for the Mongol Rally 2019 … kinda

Final sprint! Everything is arranged, friends are taking care of our polo, colleagues are brazing GPS trackers, our visas are (hopefully) getting approved right now, every insurance has been charged and the paperwork finally comes to end…

Let’s party the Mongol Rally 2019! 🙂

Since the team is spread out in the whole country and we like to celebrate, we are going to throw 2 farewell parties!

On 13th July we start from Karlsruhe into the desert.

Saturday, 13/07/2019, we would like to say goodbye to our supporters, friends, (former) colleagues, enviers and probably the surrounding neighbourhood. There will be snacks and drinks – and the group cash box is waiting 😉

Come around and give us some good reasons to miss you. The whole team will be attending!

Make a request for the right address… 😉

On 18th July we start from Neustadt into the desert.

After we made the 511 km long route in a fully packed polo, we will have another reason to celebrate. We would like to celebrate our farewell party with you and our friend and sponsor Isy Going at the Neustädter City Beach  (Schloßstraße, 31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge) with “sand, beach chairs and cool drinks under palm trees“. 🙂 Isy himself  will take care of our well-being.

See you soon!

Preparation of the car | Building a GPS-Tracker

Less than 40 days until the Mongol Rally!!!

Final spurt for the teilzeitabenteurer. Our nerves reach breaking point.

After we unsuccesfully drove to the Iranian consulate general in Frankfurt to collect our visas – it was the 56. anniversary of the revolution against the Shah – our next visit one day later went quickly and successful. Everything was very nice and professional.

Afterwards we sent our passports to Berlin to resolve every formality for the last part of our journey – the Russian Federation.

Getting the Polo “Mongol Rally ready”

Thanks to the nice support of a further sponsor, the polo currently enjoys a refurbishment. A motivated team of automotive mechanics, electricians and mechatronics engineers are taking care of our little one.



(new generator and second battery)

Why buying a GPS tracker, when you can easily build one yourself?

A nice colleague is working meticulously on an idea how to let you always know where we are and how warm/cold/high/humid it is.

The data will be transmitted via a satellite link (Iridium) and hopefully saved and nicely depicted.

Tracker-Mongol_Rally_2019-Packed(GPS tracker and sensors after delivery)

Tracker-Mongol_Rally_2019-Hardwaretest(first hardware test)

Tracker-Mongol_Rally_2019-Softwaretest(first data)

Thanks a million!

More than 900€ for DKMS! – And an interview you might wanna read ;)

The sponsoring willingsness doesn’t stop – more than 900€ for DKMS thanks to the Mongol Rally 2019

++++++Breaking news++++++ We raised more than 900€ for DKMS by participating as teilzeitabenteurer at the Mongol Rally 2019. Can we crack 1000€?! ++++++Breaking News++++++

Two out of three have been interviewed

A friend, globetrotter and blogger got wind of our adventure and invited us to an interview at a nearby venue. On Holy Thursday we talked about motives, challenges and the good cause while drinking tasty beer.

Click here to read the whole interview:

Interview: mit einem 28 Jahre alten Auto in die Mongolei…

(Read it, like it, share it)

Car wash, donations, amazon wish list

Awesome! Donations, support and car preparations are picking up pace!

Donations for the Mongol Rally 2019 continue.

And we keep receiving donations for DKMS. Thanks to all the supporters!

Cool Earth lags behind, but we are confident.
Thanks to all the supporters – keep on donating!! 🙂

A bunce for the at the Mongol Rally 2019

Next to all the donations we receive direct support in several ways – donations in kind and cash.

Thanks to all the supporters – we will think about you on oure first breakdown in the desert. 😉

Anyone on for some more?| Direct support of the teilzeitabenteurer at the Mongol Rally 2019

As mentioned, we appreciate direct support as well as the question: “What else do you need?” Just sending us money that we will invest in very bad beer doesn’t suit every taste. [#wordplay]

That’s why we put together a list of things that we still need. You can directly support us.

The list is not set in stone of course. Better ideas are always welcome!

Eventually, a snapshot of yesterday’s car wash

After we changed the radio and the speakers, we gave our rocket polo a little treat.


(Very serious facial expression – a lot of concentration in play)

Almost reached the goals for charity donations

We collected more than 1100€ for the good cause – we are ready for the Mongol Rally 2019!

What we expected to be a huge challenge at the beginning turned out to be a no-brainer.

We raised more than 800€ for DKMS and we will pass on the money right before the rally. Otherwise we are not even allowed to start. We exceeded the goal of 600€.

You will receive a donation receipt until february 2020 the latest.

Cool Earth is well on the way with almost 300GBP (320EUR) and is still popular.

Thanks a million to all the supporters!

– Tobi

A Polo’s journey

Planning for Mongol Rally 2019 continues – our Polo is back in Karlsruhe!

Unbelievable…a lot happened during the last weeks and months. A short overview through the eyes of the car:

Close to Hannover, the Polo got a roof rack for the Mongol Rally 2019. Now it is back in Karlsruhe for additional constructions. We had some minor complications… but all’s well that ends well 🙂

The roof rack – an eye catcher!

Here you can see the extraordinary result of the team’s mechanic. Mesi did a good job and constructed a massive, functional yet still beautiful roof rack. “That can carry a ton!”A few strips of flat steel, textured coated boards, a loooot of screws and patience created this master piece. This unicum of mechanic craft shines brighter than the necessary visibility thanks two tins of foundation, two tins of paint and a lot of clearcoat. The finishing touch is provided by lashing eyes and belts which adapt to the total picture.


Our spare tire had to remain in the trunk, its designated spot, due to the German traffic control. The boxes and jerrycans enjoyed an alfresco test run.

Does it already count as “break down” – even BEFORE the rally?

It happened on the journey… The newly mounted exhaust pipe continued to struggle with its by engineers and MOT required position and drowned out the radio “VAG Alpha” with four memory spaces and frequency modulation. At a motorway interchange the exhaust pipe rumbled on the scratchy asphalt which lead to a spontaneous stop to get some fresh air…

(Little stroll on the German Autobahn)

First-Breakdown-before-MongolRally2019(Note: additional space thanks to the roof rack!)

We had some spare rubbers on board to fix the problem! 🙂

Misfortune never come singly…

Thanks to the brutal speed up, that almost fluted the road surface, we were back to the necessary speed in 30 seconds, to not attract attention by traffic… with a neon green roof rack… packed with aluminum boxes… slowly moving in the wind… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We carefully listened to the combustion engine and watched out for signs of other road users – as long as they could keep up.

One managed to keep up and indicated by headlight flashers and permanent usage of the acoustic signaler that he either wanted to pass or we obviously had a problem with our car.

Preventively, we slammed on the brakes and slowed down to human adequate speed – stop at roadside emergency telephone.

The boxes had indeed leant against the wind so that the eye bended up and the boxes almost landed on the highway.

second_break_down_of_polo(Aftercare at the rest area – weakness of the material?)

All’s well that ends well!

Our rocket Polo made it to Baden’s capital and wanted to show us that we should test EVERYTHING.

On the next weekend(s) we are going to change the radio and the speakers. In addition, we have to exchange the undercarriage and the clutch. The excitement remains.

Even former colleagues traced the Polo down at its current habitat…

MongolRally2019-Polo_spotted(Hello guys! 😉 )

66 days until the rally – stay tuned!!!!