We survived D915! :)

As a spontaneous idea of Caius, we decided to take the road D915 in Turkey to leave beautiful Cappadocia and head north to the Black Sea on our way to Georgia. According to the website dangerousroads.org the D915 is even more dangerous as the “Death Road” in Bolivia.

[Source: https://www.hurriyet.de/news_andquot-d915andquot-die-gefand-228-hrlichste-straand-223-e-der-tand-252-rkei_14353560.html]

We left Erzincan (TR) with our new friends from UK, driving the 2nd Polo Mark 2 on the Mongol Rally 2019. Also, we wanted to catch up with some Dutch guys in a pretty cool Toyota Corrola. Accidently we met two Swiss teams on the way, too, and found a half-lost UK team in a tiny micro bus… The Swiss left (like always independent 😉 ) but the rest did a super-cool tour via a 2330m high pass through beautiful villages, meeting nice people and had an unbelievable experience…

More Pictures will follow soon… but here’s a short sneak (in weird order):


On the road to Kapadokya

Istanbul was truly amazing. It was my 2nd time and way better this time. Would even consider to come back one day…We left Istanbul yesterday early evening and thought to stay in a smaller town close to the road… turns out Bolu has 130.000+ people and quite some industry… 😀 With a night in an unbelievable cheap hotel we will head to Ankara and afterwards to Kapadokya, where we are planning to stay for two nights.

Small outage of the tracking device in the Balkans

Yeah… it went too good so far… so the “IT” left us

You might have recognised our struggle with the tracker colleagues built in a new time record. https://live.teilzeitabenteurer.de

Looks like the power injector went toast just the second we crossed the Albanian border. And with that we also left the EU, which resulted in a massive gap of mobile data…

We had good help by remote hands from the engineer who invented the tracker – thank you ginger incognito-man. 😉


Show above: A (successful!) try to rescue the tracker)

From BIH to AL via MNK

After a short but satisfying break we started to Tirana and decided to take a route via Kotor. It’s not only a UNESCO protected city, also it was one of our hottest places so far…

Fun fact: we met a buddy of Caius for lunch.

Albania / Tirana is great!

I don’t know what I expected but Tirana positively surprised me big time. To be honest, whole Albania did. Easy and friendly border control, cheap and good room, same with the food.

(North) Macedonia – the mix between Balkan and EU

We were crossing Macedonia (or since Feb(?) this year North Macedonia) from Albania to Greece and had some small lunch on Lake Pogradeci in Ohrid.

Macedonia is where worlds collide… dead dogs on the street but also 23€ for two starters to share with three pax. :/

But you can see the country changing to become a full member of the EU.

After that really fast stop, we went straight back home to HELLAS! 🙂

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– Tobi

Spontaneously spending the night in BIH

After a little more than 500km, we decided to stop on Bosnia and Herzegovina in a little town called Bileca. We found a small and nice pension and were heading to a restaurant in town for dinner.

(Sorry for the blurr!)

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Every 10 minutes (with existing satellite connection) we send our location and a few details e.g. breakdowns.
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Beautiful Croatia – country No. 5

From Zagreb we moved on to the coast.

The plan was to camp close to the car at the shore. But we only found a camping ground with a dedicated parking lot and super solid ground with lots of stones… but hey; it’s an adventure, right?! 😉

After preparing the tents, we went for a small dinner in a close village and went to bed quite early.

… One step forward and two steps back …

First, it comes differently and second than you think …on the Mongol Rally 2019

We met two super-nice Danish boys camping next to us. Sadly one of them steped onto (…OR INTO?!) one of my peg herings which perforated not only his shoe but also his foot…
Yeah… what an un-lucky dude he was…

Only thing we could do was to put him into their car and let him drive to the closest hospital. Haven’t heard from them since then.

Pictures might come¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯