Assembling the car

Upgrade for our vehicular on the Mongol Rally 2019.

A Polo is made for world trip by default. Still, we would like to pretty him up a bit.

First shock: We lost the exhaust pipe.

Even though the exhaust pipe was changed by the former owner, we lost the exhaust system but it was reattached quickly. .

Mongol-Rally-2019_Auspuff-Polo(Fast repair by the team’s mechanic – still working!)

Where to put the baggage? On the roof!

After a few setbacks like losing the exhaust pipe and the professional repair with welding wire we got to the fun part of the job. (At least I think so – I wasn’t there because I was sitting on my balcony 500 km far away… ;))

Thank’s to the generous donation by Fahrrad Beelmann we received three weatherproof aluminium boxes for our personal belongings. They are supposed to stay on the roof due to reasons of space and because it looks awesome.

Mongol-Rally-2019_Boxes-from-Fahrrad_Belmann(Aluminium boxes donated by Fahrrad Beelmann – best idea ever! Thanks! 🙂

Constructing the perfectly fitting roof rack for the Mongol Rally – an unicum!

We still needed a roof rack. The possible options were limited and not made for our undertaking. Thanks to Mesis knowhow we constructed a costum-made roof rack.


(Ready-made roof rack, fitting perfectly)

The roof rack was attached to the desert mobile and married to MOT-approved crossbars.


Afterwards it was loaded for test purposes.




Without knowhow and expert knowledge almost impossible – but our team’s mechanic managed to provide us a touch of comfort in the interior. We are now able to dump 100 kg up on the roof.

Combined with the aluminium boxes we now have more space and flexibility.

The question of the perfect color…

The vanishing of the roof rack and maybe some of the Polo’s add-on parts still had to be done…

…and the winner is GREEN!





(And after)

The teilzeitabenteurer’s preparations of the Mongol Rally 2019 remain exciting!

Stay tuned. 😉


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