A cry for help from Ulaanbaatar!

A cry for help from Ulaanbaatar!

We received a cry for help in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia and until recently official finish of the Mongol Rally.

The local orphanage “Verbist Care Center”, which takes care of street children until the age of 18, has no running water system and heating. In view of the upcoming winter and temperatures below -40, this will turn into a disaster.

In comparison: We are freezing in our 200 € sleeping bags, with a pocket heater and warm clothes at temperatures around 2°C!

Caius’ brother has been supporting the orphanage since 2013 with clothing donations. This is how we came along the contact.

The three of us can’t achieve much, but we would like to point out the donation campaign:


They need several thousand Euros, a small amount is provided by an aid organization. Every Euro helps. We will visit the facility tomorrow.

Thank you!

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