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Polo for the Mongol Rally 2019 is ready!

“He is alive”

After three sweat-inducing weeks the time has come. The Polo (aka “Fox”) spreads its wings. After exchanging/ installing /rebuilding the undercarriage, spring extension, second battery, new alternator, undercoating, new exhauster, boost and second towing eye, flexible LED headlights back and front, eight times USB, four times cigar lighter, 100 fuses (15-100A), drain holes, additional ventilation, oil filter, clutch, fan belt, spark plugs, distributor and cap, air filter etc. the car can run again. No! It can fly. Like an air-cushion vehicle it floats over corrugations and potholes.

First ride

The first test ride in the beautiful Treis-Karden, headquarters of our sponsor Heinz Schnorpfeil Bau GmbH, lead us according to google to an “unnamed road” over hill and dale. We tested the climbing skills of the fox. We also inaugurated the new clutch with reek and fume, brought the floor panel to its purpose and used the headlights for the first time.

Polo-Mongol_Rally_2019-Completed1(Polo 86C2f – our “Fox” – ready for action)

The countdown to the Mongol Rally 2019 has started

Last week of work, the last Amazon deliveries, packing, first time camping… The nerves are raw (mine at least), but the anticipation helps to forget the few hours of sleep.

Who wants to make sure that we are going indeed, is cordially invited to join our “farewell roadshow”.

Fyler_Farewall_Neustadt.PNG(Thursday, the 18 July 2019, at 6 pm the farewell continues at the City Beach Neustadt.)

– Tobi

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