Mongol Rally 2019

Mongol Rally 2019

In 8 weeks from London to Mongolia by car? That’s the Mongol Rally!

The what?

Let’s start from the beginning…

Crossing Himalaya by motorbike? Driving to Istanbul just to eat a kebab? Looking at the midnight sun at the North Cape? Been there, done that. What we were looking for was an adventure. One that could turn out as a failure. One that works besides our jobs. One that brings us closer to strangers and foreign cultures. Maybe with a social aspect. Not alone. But not as a package tourist either.

Mongol Rally 2019

We started thinking:

  • Engineers Without Boarders? – too long-term.
  • Crossing the Andes by bike? – too athletic.
  • Cage diving in Mexico? – too dangerous.
  • GumBall 3000? – too expensive.

Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey… seen it all. Not an option. Until Caius brought an smouldering idea to the table:

The Mongol Rally!

Done a little research, read some stuff on the internet, watched (tons of) Youtube-Videos and decided: That’s it! That’s what e are going to do. Luckily, our employers are game for it. Let’s face it, how many companies allow their employees to take a 12 week long holiday at once to drive through almost every *stan country in Central Asia?

We tried to find a fourth driver, but failed and finally gave up. A few weeks later we handed in our request for leave 2 years in advance, designed this website and got started.